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Many thanks for your excellent material, which I am finding very helpful.

So helpful in fact that yesterday I broke 80 for only the 4th time in my 51 years of golf.

I had a 79 and was only 1 over the card after 9 holes.

I really appreciate your material and congratulate you on the “user friendly” way that you present it.


Dene R - Australia - 12 HCP

Follow-up Note 5 days later:

Hi Rob,

Tell me if you get tired of hearing from me – but I had an 80 on the weekend in blustery conditions and lost the competition on a count-back. My handicap has gone from 12.4 to 10.2 in 4 days – so I’m pretty happy with golf at the moment.

I appreciated the detailed golf ball presentation that you made.




Wow. You certainly went above and beyond with your ball recommendation. That is the best information I have ever received. Thank you so much for taking your time to help me out.

Rod B - West Virginia, USA - 19 HCP


Thanks for the detailed advice and

I went out today and got a sleeve of (Recommended Ball) at the pro shop on my public course.

I got off some good drives and seemed to be getting better distance but the soft sound made me wonder if I really was. Then on the last 2 holes I was really in a good groove. I hit the first slightly lower than usual with some draw, and I could hear a crisper sound, and the ball really ran, even on lush grass and I wound up about 235.

The last hole had a 7 ft tee elevation. I really caught it, and could hear an even better sound..had plenty of height, dead straight with tiny fade at end and the ball CARRIED 250 and stopped dead in a mushy spot!

I can't remember the last time I carried that far!!

I know I would not have carried that far with the other balls.... You are a gentleman and a scholar (of golf).

Thanks for your help,

M. M. - Florida, USA - 17 Hcp


Thank you! I got it and really appreciate all of the information that you shared with me.

I really enjoyed reading "The Key to a Repeating Golf Swing" and I have already made it my main key. It is definitely helping me hit the ball where I want to hit it depending on the shot that I am playing.

A second benefit is that it seems to really be helping me with my tempo. I will keep you posted as I continue to work on it through the cold Cleveland winter... it has really been making a difference in my game.

Thanks again,

Greg H. - Ohio, USA - 10 HCP

Hi Rob,

I have received and read the report and thank you very much for your thorough analysis... (The Key) helps promote better balance. With good balance, I can hit the sweet spot more often... the ball flight was lower and I gained some yards.

Thanks again for your kind assistance.

Best Regards,

Phaisal W. - Thailand - 24 HCP


Thank you so much for your detailed response to my input. I am overwhelmed and humbled by the extent to which you went the extra mile on this.

Thank you for such dedication. It is a true blessing and very motivating to come across someone who clearly loves what they do.

All the best from your humble long distance student,

Mike B. - Seattle, USA - 9 HCP

Hello Robert,

Wonderful explanation!

Really hot stuff. I will recommend you to all my golf buddies.

I followed your advice and bought a 11° driver head (cheap from GolfWorks), Very impressive shots at first sight. Well, on the first tee I drove down the middle... It was the first time after thousand rounds that I hit 100% of the fairways.

Now I'm focusing on pitching, chipping and putting.These are my golf resolutions for 2009, get it closer to the pin.

I'll keep in touch for more details on my distance progress.

A big hug

Carlos C. - Brazil - 14 HCP

Dear Rob,

Thank you.

A very interesting and informative report - worth the cost of the course just for that!

It will take some time to take on board all the advice you have given, but I will be paying serious attention to all you say. Thank you again.

Best wishes,

Ramesh S.- UK - 10 HCP


Wow, wonderful response, much of what you say makes a lot of sense to me, you apparently are an insightful teacher, plan to print out all of this and refer to it often, thank you very much, will concentrate on the keys you’ve given me, stay tuned, I will keep you in the loop,

Take care,

Dan S. - Pennsylvania, USA - 15 HCP


Thank you very much for your indepth and detailed ball suggestions. I was really surprised at the detail of your suggestions. When I received your responce saying you needed a little more time to responed, I honestly thought how difficult could it be to say, "I suggest you use a "famous Tour Ball." (name removed)

Not only did you not suggest that particular ball, but you gave me so much more invaluable info.

Obviously you read all my info and evaluated it with every bit of your intelect. Thank you.


Derrick W. - Texas, USA - 21 HCP

Hi Robert,

I just wanted to thank you for the feedback on the ball recommendation.

I am going to try the (Recommended Ball) this week and see what happens. I had a 10.5 degree driver and was only getting a launch angle of 9 to 10 degrees so we kept moving up on the driver until we got my launch up to 13 degrees. (Note , I addressed Rick's launch angle after analyzing his swing speed and flight specifics).

I thank my bad drives are a result of my set up and swing plane. When I am on plane and not too flat I get that desired launch angle and thus a good straight drive.

Regardless, I really appreciate your help and hopefully by next summer I will reach that single digit handicap.


Rick M. - Oklahoma, USA - 15 HCP

Hi Robert,

I received the file just fine. Thanks very much for a well thought out evaluation.

It’s refreshing to get something that isn’t just cookie cutter, but obviously has had some thought put against it.

I really appreciate it, and I’ll follow up on some of your recommendations.


Van B. - Colorado, USA - 16 HCP


Really impressed with the info - very complete and detailed!! I expect to score in the 70's (just kidding). Again Thanks!!

Tom P. - USA - 17.5 HCP

Any other recommendations/seuggestions, please forward. You won't hurt my feelings!!


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